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Preventive Dentistry
Happy Valley, OR

Little boy learning to brush teeth, at Fusion Dental Specialists in Happy Valley, OR. Here at Fusion Dental Specialists in Happy Valley, OR our main goal for all of our patients is to prevent oral maladies from ever occurring. Prevention is much less expensive overall than restoration, so it is always more desirable. We offer a wide array of preventive options to all of our patients so that they can keep their mouth healthy for as long as possible!

Dental Exams

Dental examinations are one of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy for years to come, which is why we recommend a dental exam once every six months or so. During dental exams, we will check all of your teeth for signs of common issues like cavities, cracking, and the failure of restorations like crowns and fillings. If we find anything that needs attention, we will notify you and help to set up an appointment to have the issue taken care of completely.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are one of the best tools that we use to ensure the continued oral health of our patients. Digital X-rays are fast and give us a clear picture of what is going on within the hard structures of your mouth like your teeth and jaw bone. Digital X-rays expose our patients to only one-fifth of the radiation than traditional X-rays.

Dental Cleaning

As with dental examinations, we recommend that our patients have a cleaning at least once every six months. Dental cleanings are a fantastic way to ensure your continued oral health. Even if you are fastidious in your daily oral hygiene routine dental cleanings are essential to remove plaque and tartar from areas that you can’t reach or continually miss in your regular brushing and flossing.

Dental Hygiene

Your oral hygiene is our top concern, which is why we take the time to educate all of our patients on the best oral hygiene routines and practices at every appointment. If you ever have any questions about what you could do to increase your oral hygiene, just give us a call or ask us at your next appointment.

Oral Cancer Screening & Oral Pathology

Oral cancer screenings are very important to the long-term health of our patients. Even those who do not smoke or drink excessively are at risk for oral cancer. During every exam, we check our patients for signs of oral cancer and can perform pathology on anything we do find.

Intraoral Camera

One of our favorite tools is the intraoral camera, which gives us a way to easily look inside your mouth. The intraoral camera is a high definition camera in a form similar to a toothbrush that we can use to peer inside your mouth. We are even able to share our feed of the camera with you to help you see what’s going on inside your mouth.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are one of our very favorite tools! It used to be that if we wanted to take an impression of your mouth, we would need to fit you with special trays and fill them with lots of goopy liquid that would make many patients uncomfortable. Now we can scan the inside of your mouth with a wand and have a digital impression of your mouth after only a few seconds!
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Preventive Dentistry | Fusion Dental Specialists - Happy Valley, OR
We offer a wide array of preventive options to all of our patients so that they can keep their mouth healthy for as long as possible!
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